The Dunstan Partnership

Breightmet Health Centre, Breightmet Fold Lane, Breightmet, Bolton, BL2 6NT


All morning, afternoon and evening surgeries are by appointment only – see Opening Times tab.

You may consult any of the doctors in the practice, providing they are available.

We offer routine appointments and same day appointments, if you feel your condition won’t wait till the next available routine appointment, with the doctor of your choice. Routine appointments can be booked up to 8 weeks ahead.

Appointments can be made by telephoning the receptionist on 01204 463777 during office hours, or by calling in at reception personally.

Children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult, although there may be legitimate exceptions to this.

We try to run to time as far as possible. Inevitably, an appointment can run over time, so please bear with us if you have to wait. To keep surgeries running as smoothly as possible, please help us by remembering the following points:-

  • Please arrive on time for your appointment.
  • Patients who cannot attend their appointment, for whatever reason, are expected to cancel their appointment as far in advance as possible.
  • Remember – an appointment is for ONE person only.
  • Please do not save up multiple problems for one appointment slot. If you think you may need a longer appointment, please tell the receptionist.
  • For the comfort of others, please try not to bring children with you, unless they have an appointment. If you do need to bring them along, Please try to keep them in order and bring quiet toys or books to keep them occupied.  Due to infection control issues, the practice does not provide toys or books in the waiting room.

Medically Urgent Appointments

We offer routine appointments. However, if you feel your problem is medically urgent, please contact the surgery, giving brief details of the medical emergency, and you will be given on of our same day appointments.

As you can appreciate, same day appointments, in their very nature, may unexpectedly take longer and, therefore, the doctor or nurse practitioner may not run to time – please be patient.

How do I make an appointment with the Practice Nurse?

All the Practice Nurses’ clinics are by appointment only. Appointments can be made by telephoning the receptionist on 463777 during office hours, or by calling at reception personally.

How do I order hospital ambulance transport?

If you have to go to hospital, either for an appointment or an admission and you are unable to use a car or public transport because of your medical condition please let us know as soon as possible. The ambulance control department require at least 2 working days notice to book transport.