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Repeat Prescriptions

What is a Repeat Prescription?

If you are on regular, long term medication and the doctor feels that it is safe for you to have another supply, without being seen each time, your doctor will arrange and note on your records that you may have a repeat prescription. For most patients, the normal supply will be for two months, although this may vary with the type of medication you are on.

When you are on repeat medication, your doctor will need to review you and your treatment regularly, as least once a year.

How do I order my Repeat Prescription?

Your doctor will give you your first prescription and it will have two parts:-

The GREEN SIDE is the actual prescription, which you give to the chemist.

The WHITE SIDE will contain a list of medication that can either be issued as a repeat, or recent items the doctor has prescribed for you, which may or may not be repeatable in the future.

When you need more medication, please mark only those items that you need, by ticking next to each item on the white side. Please do not tick items that you do not need. You should then take or send your white slip to the surgery.Please allow 48 working hours, excluding weekends and Bank Holidays, before collection.

Please make sure that you order your repeat prescription in good time, so that you do not run out.

Please do not stock pile medication.

Is there any other way I can order my Repeat Prescription?

  • You can order your prescription online, using this website, by clicking the Patient Access link above.
  • In person, at the reception desk.
  • By post (if you wish the practice to send your prescription back to you, please remember to enclose a stamped addressed envelope with your request).
  • By asking your pharmacist to do this on your behalf. If you use this method, you must contact the practice and give your consent and details of your preferred pharmacy.

Please be aware that staff are not permitted to take requests for repeat prescriptions over the telephone, as this is a very unsafe method of ordering.

What if I’ve lost my white slip?

Our reception staff will give you a blank request form if you know the medication you require.

What if I need by medication urgently?

This should only happen in very exceptional circumstances. Your medication is your responsibility and you must ensure that you have sufficient supply in order to be able to order in good time.

However, in very exceptional circumstances, if you have run out of medication or will need it sooner than the 48 hours notice required, a prescription can be issued urgently. The fact that you have ordered a prescription urgently will be noted in your records.  On the first occasion, you will given your prescription, together with a information slip regarding the importance of ordering on time.  Should this happen on a second occasion, you will be given another information slip, informing you that no further urgent prescriptions will be available to be ordered in this way.

If the surgery is closed, your usual pharmacy may be able to dispense a small emergency supply of your medication, until the surgery is open again. The Pharmacist may make a small charge for this service.

If you have been to see a specialist, or been an inpatient in hospital for any reason and your medication has changed, you should be given up to 7 days supply of your new medication by the hospital.  This will allow you and the hospital time to notify us of any change.

If the hospital has given you a letter, please let us have this as soon as possible, as it will contain the information we need to alter your repeat prescription.

Please allow a few days for the specialist to write to the surgery and for changes to be made to your records.Before ordering your new medication, please telephone the practice to check that we have received the letter and that changes have been made.  Failure to do so may result in you not receiving the correct medication.

Methods of collecting your Repeat Prescription?

  • In person.
  • By post, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope with your order.
  • Nominated Pharmacy.

Please note, a log is kept by the practice of all prescriptions posted and collected, giving details of the date of collection/posting and who it was collected by.

We do not give out prescriptions to patients under the age of 16.

Synchronising your medication

If you are on more than one repeat medication, it is in everyone’s best interest if your medication is in sync, so that you run out of all your medication at the same time.

This cuts down on the amount of times your make an order and the amount of duplicated work generated at the practice.

If your medication is not in sync, please let us know when you next order your repeat prescription and we will amend the amounts to ensure that you are in sync for the future.