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Practice Survey Reporting

PPG End of Year ReportPatient Participation Group End of Year Report 2014/2015

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IPSOS Mori – January 2015 – National Survey Results
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28th March 2014 – Practice Survey Report 2013/2014

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10th December 2013 – National Survey Results

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17th Sepember 2013

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Meeting regarding National Survey Results 2012/2013

Patient Questionnaire 2013 and Action Plan Following Patient Participation Group Meeting 14.02.2013

A New Patient Questionnaire was made available both online and given out by hand at reception, from 7.30 am, 3rd January 2013.

481 completed responses were received.

The questionnaire, this year, included requests for feedback on the areas identified as problems last year, which the practice, with the agreement of the Patient Participation Group (PPG), had made changes to, in an effort to address the issues.

A meeting was held on the 14th February 2013, where 16 members of the PPG attended and the results of the new questionnaire were discussed:-

Being Able to Cancel Appointments During Extended Hours

Patients are using the online service to cancel their appointments more than before.

Due to the Primary Care Trust (PCT) coming to an end in March this year, it has not been possible to make any non urgent changes to our telephone system, as the IT Department at the PCT has been under increased pressures due to the current situation.  The IT service will be taken over by the Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) at the Greater Manchester Cluster from the 1st April 2013 and the practice feels that until this is firmly established, it would not be possible to add an extra line to accommodate for cancellations.

The recent questionnaire results indicate that 30% of patients have seen an improvement in being able to cancel their appointment during extended hours, 43% have not and the remainder did not respond to the question.

In the meantime, the practice is planning to make use of the practice mobile phone to allow cancellations only, to address this issue further.  This was discussed with the PPG members, who agreed that this would be a good idea.  It was, therefore, agreed that the practice would publicise the mobile number and the cancellation service, when it was ready, both on the website and in the newsletter.  The PPG also suggested that the information be added to the right hand side of prescriptions and also to the printed appointment slips.  It was agreed that the practice would look into these suggestions.  Patients could then text their cancellations to the mobile phone number.  This service would also be in addition to the online cancellation service.

ACTION:- When the Commissioning Support Unit was in place, and the IT telephone expertise is available, the practice will request an additional line for cancellations of appointments.

Waiting Time In Reception

Following the last meeting, the practice looked into a more robust way of ensuring that patients were kept informed of the waiting times and any delays.

The practice brought in a software solution that automatically displays waiting times and any delays for each clinician on the patient call screen.

The results of the questionnaire regarding this item was a 94% satisfaction score, which the practice and the PPG were very happy about.  No further action was deemed necessary regarding this issue.

Access to the Building

Following the last meeting, the practice produced further information for patients who had difficulty accessing the building.  This information was made available in our newsletter and on our website.

The results from the recent questionnaire showed that only 7% of patients did not find this helpful, which is a good result and a significant improvement on last year.  No further action was deemed necessary regarding this issue.

Access to a Translation Service

Although this was an issue from our previous questionnaire, prompting further information being made available on our website and by newsletter, the results from this questionnaire showed that 89% of patients felt that this issue was not applicable to them.  It was agreed with the PPG that this was no longer an issue.


A regular practice Newsletter was put forward as a request by quite a few patients following the last questionnaire.  The practice now publishes a quarterly newsletter on the practice website and has copies available on the reception desk.  The practice has also sent out copies in the post to patients who have requested this, due to being housebound and not having access to a computer.

71% of patients found the Newsletter useful.  With 12% not responding to the question.

A Newsletter was due out at the end of January 2013, but we have delayed this in order to incorporate the results of the recent questionnaire and the actions agreed by the PPG today.


This brought to an end the discussion regarding the issues identified by patients last year, to which the practice had made changes to address.

The recent questionnaire also included questions agreed as being a priority for the Care Quality Commission (CQC) preparation work and to address the need to maximise more appropriate use of NHS Services and minimise the inappropriate use of Accident & Emergency attendance.

It was very reassuring to find that 91% of patients stated that they had not attended A&E for an illness or condition that could have been treated elsewhere.

It was also very reassuring that 98% of patients were satisfied with the cleanliness of the premises, but, most of all, the results showed that 94% of patients had confidence and trust in the practice team.

There were some additional issues identified as being a problem by some patients – these were as follows:-

  • Some patients did not fully understand the changes we had made to our appointment system recently.
  • The need for an accessible hand sanitizer following use of the patient check in screen.
  • Repeat prescription requests online.
  • Ability to phone the surgery during extended hours.
  • The Health Information TV.
  • Waiting in the reception queue.
  • Need for a play area and toys for children.
  • Up to date magazines.

The above issues were discussed briefly by the PPG as follows:-

Appointment System

It was agreed that the appointment system changes would be more fully explained in our next newsletter.


It was explained that the Parking at Breightmet Health Centre was recognised as being an issue, but one that the practice has no control over.  Many services now use the centre, which from the outset was not allowed by the powers that be to have more parking spaces than it has at present.  The practice only has 5 allocated staff parking spaces, which are used by 6 GPs.  Practice staff are not allowed to park on the car park or in the staff car park.  It was agreed that an explanation would be included in our next newsletter.

Hand Sanitizer

The practice recognises the need for a hand sanitizer to be placed near to the patient self checking in screen for infection control purposes.  This has now been installed.

Repeat Prescriptions

Some patients seem to think that the practice website is connected to the clinical system and the patient records, where repeat ordering of prescriptions online was concerned.

It was explained that the online prescribing service on the website is NOT connected in any way to the clinical system for reasons of confidentiality.

It was agreed that this information should be made available to all patients via our newsletter, which in turn would be available on our website.

Availability to Telephone the Surgery During Extended Hours

It was explained that it would be difficult to answer the telephones from 7.30 am, as there are only 2 staff members working at that time each day, dealing with the patients attended for surgery, picking up prescriptions, making appointments face to face, and preparing rooms for the start of the day.  The 2 staff would, therefore, not be able to answer the high volume of calls the practice receives each morning.

It was agred that this information should be made available to all patients via our newsletter, which in turn would be available on our website.

Health Information TV

Some patients requested that the practice change to normal TV channels instead of the Health Information Television Service that we operate currently.

An explanation was given that, beside the Health Information being delivered by the TV, this service was primarily used to enhance confidentiality at the reception desk.  The practice could not operate a normal TV service or radio, as it does not hold a Performers Licence to do so.

It was agreed that this information should be made available to all patients via our newsletter, which in turn would be available on our website.

A suggestion was put forward by the group, that a ceiling mounted “Please Wait Here” sign should be placed in the waiting room, away from the reception desk, to help with confidentiality.

It was agreed that the practice will look into this, together with the suggestion that maybe the first row of chairs could be moved back, as some of the members stated that conversations can sometimes still be overheard, even with the television.  A further suggestion of moving one of the Prescription Boxes further away, to aid confidentiality, was also put forward and the practice will look into the possibility and implications of doing this.

Waiting in Reception Queue

The PPG discussed a comment made on the questionnaire regarding patients waiting in the reception desk queue and the time taken to bring the queue down.

It was explained that patients were dealt with as quickly as possible, but that sometimes, some patients had matters which needed a longer time to deal with.  Normally, patients needing longer to be dealt with are taken into the side room, but this room is also used for Choose & Book referrals to hospital, pharmacy prescription collection and New Patient Registrations and may not always be available.  The practice does operate a system where, if the queue is over 3 patients, a staff member from the back office will be called to help with the queue, wherever possible.

The PPG were happy with this explanation and no further action is necessary.

Play Area for Children and Up to Date Magazines

Some patients had requested a play area or toys for children and up to date magazinees for the patients.

It was explained that due to the risks to Infection Control and the past history of theft of these items, it was not possible for these to be provided by the practice.  The practice feels that it is the responsbility of parents to bring their own toys or books for their children and the same would apply to magazines, which can be bought nearby.

The explanation met with full agreements from the group.

Any Other Business

Price in Practice

Vera Bourn informed the group that the practice had recently registered with Pride In Practice, which will ensure that support and guidance are available on all aspects of Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual (LGB)Healthcare.

The practice will be using a Toolkit to undergo a self assessment.  If successful, the practice will be listed on a portal on the LGB website, where patients can search for practices who are LGB friendly.

The practice will be assessessed every two years to ensure that standards are being maintained.

Dr Isaac then thanked the group for their attendace and participation in the meeting.

Time and Date of Next Meeting:-  To be arranged.


It was agreed that the results reflected the current practice situation, as 213 out of the 253 replies were from patients who had attended the surgery within the last 3 months.

The group discussed the results of the patient questionnaire, going through each question one at a time..

Vera Bourn, Practice Manager, and Vicky Bourn, Deputy Practice Manager, gave explanations where queries regarding the questionnaire itself were raised by the group.

It was agreed that the results were extremely encouraging, with patient satisfaction with the practice being extremely high.

It was also evident from patient feedback that patients did not always fully understand the background to the service, practice processes and why things needed to be done in any particular way.

The available answers to questions in the questionnaire was discussed and it was agreed that there were anomalies which could have had an impact on the results.

From the areas where patients highlighted that an improvement could be made, the group discussed those issues in depth.

Possible actions were suggested and discussed and the following actions were agreed:

Telephone Access – Being able to cancel appointments during extended hours.

The practice Telephone Access has improved massively, with patients being satisfied with the service. However, during early morning, this could be difficult. The practice, although open from 7.30 am but with only two admin staff members, opens its telephone lines at 8.30am when all admin staff are present to answer. Patients who may need to cancel their early morning appt are not able to telephone at this early time.  However, patients can cancel their appointment via the new practice website at any time.

The Practice will make enquiries with nhs Bolton IT department regarding the possibility of patients being able to cancel their appts by ringing a dedicated extension on the existing telephone line.  If this facility was possible, the two early staff members would be able to manage the cancellation only telephone calls without much difficulty and this would remove the risk of non-attendance without cancellation.

Waiting in Reception Times

It was agreed that the practice should analyse the amount of time patients were waiting in the waiting room from booking in to actually being seen by the GP. This would give a clear indication of whether patients are being kept waiting on a regular basis and the extent of any problem, if any. The results of this analysis will be discussed by the group at the next meeting.

It was also agreed that the Reception Staff should always, and as soon as possible, communicate any delays or when a GP was running late for any reason.

Access to the Building

A few patients had indicated in the Patient Questionnaire that they had difficulty accessing the Breightmet Health Centre, due to mobility difficulties.

It was suggested and agreed that the fact that patients can contact the downstairs Main Reception Desk for help when accessing the building and the fact that a wheelchair is available and a member of Security or Caretaking Staff being available and being able to push a patient from the car park / front entrance,  into the building, should be publicised on the practice website and in the Newsletter.

Translation Service.

4 patients had indicated that they would have liked translation services during their consultation.

The practice does have access to translation services and it was agreed that this information should be publicised

It was also noted that some members of staff had recently attended a Deafness Awareness and British Sign Language Training taster session.  The staff had found this very useful and some of them had requested further training sessions with the intention of becoming fully trained in BSL.


It was agreed that a regular Newsletter should be produced to explain practice processes and deal with some of the patient feedback from the Patient Questionnaire, where explanations rather than actions were required.

The Newsletter would be available in paper form in the practice and would also be available on the practice website.